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55% is a book created out of the

2020 election statistics. 55% of

white women voted for Donald Trump.

It is a representation of white women's

voices and Black womxn's voices. 

That statistic drove the theme of the book, both verbally and visually. The left side of the book is the white women's voice and the right side is the Black womxn's voice. Throughout the book only the right side progresses and grows, showing the hardship and fight to get to where Black womxn are today. Moving through a timeline of historic photos that are built off the grid, it is symbolizing that Black womxn progress feminism even if white women don't join them. And the typeface used for Black womxn is Martin (downloaded from

This typeface was created out of the 1968 Memphis Sanitation Strike which was mainly

about racial injustice. It involves a historical context and look which is humanistic and

shows the power of protest. The text is Sojourner Truth's Ain't I a Woman speech.


As for the left side, there is a lack of progression as the white women text stays on a grid in a rigid box. This shows that they are comfortable in their position and don't move out of the box of society to try and change injustices. The typeface used for the white women is Helvetica. This typeface was created to have a lack of meaning, something that represents the ease that white privilege brings to white women and their comfortability of neutrality. The text is Amy Coney Barrett's swear in speech. 


To get a closer look at the spreads, click here!

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