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Why_Design? is a publication created to inform Champlain College students, faculty, and staff about specific areas of design and the design process.

The publication was created by 19 designers in the span of 12 weeks.

each designer answered the same question:  why_design?

Spread Design

Each designer created their own individualized story. Each story was put into one of four categories; Theory, History & Education, Human Interaction, or Features.

My individual story was categorized under human interaction. It highlights catcalling on the street. I interviewed womxn about their personal experiences with catcalling, using their stories to relate to other womxn. I then took photos of each womxn holding a hand drawn sign, in a stance to take back the streets for themselves. 

Spread 2
Spread 3
Spread 4

Print Team

The designers were put into two teams, Print and Marketing.

As the Print Art Director I was responsible for a team of five people. We managed the operations; Google Drive file organization, the publication grid, deadlines, receiving all updated files weekly, and compiling the entire publication from front to back using InDesign. 

TEAM: Carly Freeman, Rachael Vecchio, Harry Leavitt, Lucas Hyde, Jack  Thornbury, and Merritt Gates

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