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switchingoff is an app that allows

high school students to learn about, discuss, and record their understanding of death. 

​This project was created through in-depth research and a long-form design process. 


Death is a taboo topic. Much like sex (the beginning of life), death (the end of life) is a
subject that can be uncomfortable to discuss. Without acknowledging our own death we cannot truly ‘live our lives to the fullest’. By creating a space to talk about this existential
topic, we can begin to understand where we connect together and how we fit into
the grand scheme of life. Switching Off creates a space for teens in the United States

to lead more meaningful lives by overcoming negative attitudes about death.


The user can talk to DeathBot by asking certain questions

The user asks "how do I cope with death?"

DeathBot responds by showing the paragraph from a specific 
resources page. 


Swipe past the home page

and the days appear

This is a 30 day experience. The user clicks on the day they are starting. By clicking on the day a menu pops up that gives the user options for the Resources, Community Chat, or Journal page. 


Swipe past the days and the user profile appears

This profile is accessible when using the 

community chat rooms and has basic information shown to give the people

you are talking to more information

about yourself. It is not intended to be
used as social media, just a casual
chat room.


When clicking on a day this menu pops up

Clicking on each of these brings you to a specific page for that day. 


Each day has specific resources attached

Day 1 informs the user about 'Coping with Death'. There are many articles and sites provided to aid the conversations in the Community Chat and to share through social media channels of the users choice.

Community Chat

Each chat room contains 5 people 

The user is put in chatrooms with random people which caps at 5 users in each room so it is not overwhelming when discussing what was learned from the day. When chatting, the users can insert links to the articles from the Resources page which come up as blue so other people can reference them. 


Write down your notes
from the day

The notes are private and free-formed. This space allows the user to take what they learned and discussed in the Community Chat and Resources. They can write whatever they are thinking and feeling. It is a therapeutic way to get all of their thoughts out in one place, about these specific topics. They can star notes they think are important to come back to.


At the end of each day a message pops up 

The user is able to share what they have learned for the day on social media. It generates a post that contains the paragraph from that day and theme

that can be passed around online.

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