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Redesigning Way Finding for The Center for Communication and Creative Media (CCM) at Champlain College. This building was built in 2015.

The center has many intended uses, one being the hub of the campus. It incorporates the school store, commuter lounge, sitting areas, and auditorium. It also holds many class rooms for the game design, creative media, and visual communication design students. It is built on a hill and has many entrances on different levels and the signage to navigate the building is confusing. This project tackles those problems and creates a new wayfinding system that is easier to navigate for newcomers, students, and faculty. 

Mood Board

This reflects the idea of intersectionality in the CCM building, as it is the hub of our campus. 

It incorporates the architecture of the building and the school's brand colors. 

Moo Board
Glass Point
CCM Building

Current Signage

New Signage

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